Blogable A to Z ~ Z is for Zealous

Zealous describes the Blogable Babes! ZEALOUS: Motivated, inspired, enthusiastic – that is how each of us set about the A to Z here on Blogable. And I think we have provided a wealth of articles that should help you on your blogging or writing journey.


Here we go with a ZEALOUS reminder of some of our A to Z posts

Z is for Zeal

The three of us have approached our individual posts with Zeal. Which has meant some fabulous and helpful posts are now in the Blogable back catalogue. You can find all our A to Z posts here…

E is for ~ Editing and Email reply

It is so important if you are writing for a competition or for you to nail your copy. Self Editing can help with this.

This post was written in conjunction with S for sponsored post which you will find below. And is all about how to reply via Email to a collaboration request from a company.

A is for ~ Apostrophe

This was one of the most popular posts during the A to Z. Do you know when you should use an Apostrophe?

L is for ~ Likes and Links

Liking and Linking to other bloggers work is not only supportive it also a way of finding a community you want to belong to.

If you decide to collaborate with a company and have sponsored content on your blog then understanding Link attributes is very important.

O is for ~ Older posts and blog Organisation

After a year or two of blogging you may find that you have a wealth of different posts. The good thing is you can always go back to an Older post and recycle it…

If you get your site Organisation right, at the start of your blogging journey, you will save yourself a lot of time and also readers are more likely to come back to view your work if they find your site easy to use.

U is for ~ Unique

Having a Unique, authentic voice that distinguishes your posts from everyone else – can take time to achieve. But should come with dedication and experience.

S is for ~ Sponsored Post

Do you know what a Sponsored post is? This post goes into all the details about how to deal with Sponsored content in your blog.


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