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So many writing tips have already been shared on our website, from how to write reviews, to how to write a reflective post, to replacing different words, to specific things such as, but not limited to:

More writing tips to come

We still have a lot more writing tips we want to share with you, and will continue to publish more of those in the next weeks and months. Some posts we have lined up are:

  • How to use emotions in your writing
    Where you can just say your character is sad or happy, there are other words or phrases you can use to ‘show’ your reader what emotions your character is experiencing.
  • Using body language in your stories
    This is connected to the first point – emotions – where we share how you can use body language to bring across what your character is feeling.
  • Different narrator types in your stories
    The narrator is the person who ‘tells’ the story, and in this post we will share which different narrator types you can use when you write.
  • Ways to write quicker without quality loss
    We all want to be able to post a story every day, but if we do, chances are the quality of our output will be much less than we want. In this post we will give tips on how you can write more without losing the quality of your writing.
  • Transitions in your writing
    The way for writers to make their readers recognize connections between ideas in their stories, is to use transition words. This post will deal with that.
  • Different posts on developing your characters
    We have a bunch of posts lined up to help you develop your characters, such habits, traits, flaws, motivation and more.

What writing tips do you need?

Since we are here to help you develop your writing, blogging and technical skills, please share with us what the things are you want to know. What are the things you run into while you write? What advice do you need. Between the three of us we have a lot of information, and when we don’t have the answer to your question, we will most probably know someone who will be able to help.

Share your questions in the comments section below, and then keep an eye on the site for the post in which we answer your question.

A couple of quick writing tips

You didn’t think we would just leave you hanging like that, right, thinking you might receive some writing tips from us? Here are a couple of quick ones:

  • Stick to active voice
    Passive: A book was order by the man.
    Active: The man ordered a book.
  • Don’t use jargon
    If you write a story (or any post for that matter) don’t use technical jargon. You might know what it means, but don’t assume your reader does.
  • Mix up your words
    Read your paragraphs and make sure you haven’t used the same phrases too close to each other. In fact, try not to use the same phrases, but use synonyms or different ways of saying things.
  • Vary your sentence lengths. There is nothing more irritating than reading the one looooooong sentence after the other, or short sentence after short sentence, making your story or article sound like a machine gun firing.
  • If you’re not writing fiction, use headers between your paragraphs to structure your content.
  • If you are writing fiction, use enough white space between your paragraphs, but also not too much. Just enough.

Happy writing!

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