Blogable Fiction Marathon 2021: The writers

We have been looking forward to this for a long time – to launch the very first Blogable Fiction Marathon. In the past weeks 37 writers have signed up for the marathon. They are ready to start this journey, to be challenged and share the stories they create with us all.

Before we introduce the writers to you, let’s first get some general things out of the way.

The rules

Like any competition, or anything arranged for a group of people, there are specific rules to adhere to. One of the most important rules of the competition is that writers are not to talk about an assignment. Not the contents of it, and certainly not what they have written. Which means a writer cannot tell anyone which story is theirs when the voting round opens. Anonymity is one way of keeping the competition fair. There are several other rules, all of them designed to make this journey as pleasant as possible for writers, jury and organization.

The planning

The Blogable Fiction Marathon – BFM – is tightly organized, and we have a strict planning for it. Writers are to familiarize themselves with the dates, especially those on which they have to send in an assignment. During this journey, we will not deviate from the planning.

The jury

The jury is made up by three people, each of them bringing their own experience and knowledge of writing to the table. The jury will read all the stories, after the stories have been anonymized, and then award points to all of the them. We expect the members of the jury to give the writers feedback on their stories, because that’s a huge part of the BFM – for writers to learn from the feedback and improve their writing.

The assignments

Writers will be sent their assignments by email, on the first day of every writing round. As we progress in the marathon, the writers will be allowed to write more words for each assignment. Assignments are designed to teach the writers something about their writing, and to improve it. But the bottom line of each assignments, is for the writers to have fun, and to entertain the jury and the public. The first assignment will be sent to the writers on 3 April 2021.

Meet the writers!

Now finally, it’s time to meet the writers! They are listed below in alphabetical order.

A to G

Apryl Rae
Returned Appalachian ex-pat who spends way too much time with words and music and dogs. I can flat make you sleep with the lights on.
Twitter: @aprylrae

An Englishman living in New England, Cal attempts to maintain a sense of the old world in an increasingly fast-paced technosphere. Nature inspires him, humans bewilder him. He has done a lot of soul-searching over why he chooses to write, concluding that he writes for pleasure, for relief, and most importantly for sanity.
Website: Cal on Medium
Twitter: @uncmfrtblynmb

Carolyna Luna
Urban dwelling Latina with a vacation home on the moon. Ambivert. Bisexual. Melophile. Geek. Podcast junkie. Bourbon aficionada. Erotica enthusiast. Lupus warrior. Autism mama. Always wanderlusting. Sometimes writer. Occasional blogger. 2nd Place/Smut Marathon 2019. Current interests include learning to play guitar, finding new outlets and inspiration to keep writing, and agonizing over what to say in a short bio.
Website: Carolyna Luna
Twitter: @carolyna_luna

Cindy Cook DeRuyter
Cindy Cook DeRuyter is an aspiring novelist who has never met a writing competition she did not enjoy. She is fond of music, running, dogs, beach vacations, her husband, her adult son, the Oxford comma, and all things chocolate – and not necessarily in that order. Cindy, her husband, and their dogs live in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Website: Cindy C D: Writer
Twitter: @cindycdwrites

Over the last couple of years I’ve found a love for writing and want to continue to improve. Testing myself against some fantastic writers gives such a sense of achievement.
Website: Pen Hits Paper
Twitter: @penhitspaper

Dawn Shelley
Dawn Shelley is a writer who hails from the beautiful mountains in Southern California. She spends her days with her partner, her son, a cranky African Grey Parrot, and two rambunctious pugs. Dawn has been writing for as long as she can remember and enjoys falling into a world of her own making. She has a degree in Creative Writing and enjoys passing on the love for the craft to her students.

I write for my own pleasure & relaxation mostly though one of these days I’ll pluck up the courage to try to publish something! I entered the ‘Smut Marathon’ in 2020 and people seemed to like some of my work. I know it helped my writing, especially trying to keep to a word count and writing on a theme chosen by someone else. So, here I am again!

Elk Vilianni
Elk Vilianni is the latest pseudonym of a writer who took part in the 2020 ‘Smut Marathon’ and loved it. Elk has also submitted, as a guest, five short pieces of erotic fiction, and one short commentary on the writing of erotic fiction, to the ‘Wicked Wednesday’ meme. That’s all.
Twitter: @ElkVilianni

I’m 40 years old., single and live with my daughter, sometimes in a large house built by my family in 1903. I try to write erotic stories and I have a vivid imagination. I try to include things I have experienced sexually I’m considered a bit of a wild woman and I am not easily ashamed.
Twitter: @BlueGaynor

J to M

Jae Lynn
My name is Jae and I’ve been blogging for a few years, time flies when you’re having fun. I enjoy reading/writing suspense and murder mystery pieces. I look forward to reading what other writers contribute and gain some insight on improving my own writing.
Website: Rantings of a Nonsensical Mind
Twitter: @MusicRantings

Jenn Hatfield
Jennifer is a widow and mother of two grown children. She has been published in several anthologies and looks forward to participating in this marathon.
Website: Jennifer Hatfield, Author
Twitter: @jhatfieldauthor

Jessica Wilcox
Jessica pushes through her existential funk to write her words from somewhere in vicinity of Buffalo, NY, where everything is currently frozen and buried under a foot of snow. Her husband, three kids and three fur-babies help to keep her warm, but also teetering on the edge of sanity.
Website: Jessica’s Writing Space
Twitter: @jawilcox711

Life is about trying everything and exploring what you can accomplish. I’ve played many different roles over the years, but I always come back to writing. Creating stories feels magical and timeless. I pray others will enjoy what I offer, but the reality is that I write only for my own joy.
Website: Optimistic Author
Twitter: @Arecusant22

Kelly Cluett
I have always done a little writing. When I was younger it was always poetry, teenage angst I suppose, but eventually started writing fiction and personal essays. I participated in previous Smut Marathons under an alias, but decided to enter this marathon as me so I can share the journey with all my family and friends. Good luck to everyone.
Twitter: @kellys_crystal

Kinky Katie
I am a happy, intelligent, confident woman, with an incredibly kinky side. I go to meetings and articulately talk business; I go out with my friends, drink wine and laugh a lot; I do my best to run and exercise each day. But I also want a man to pull down my knickers and spank me. I want him to handcuff my wrists behind my back and use my mouth until I am gagging on cock. I want him to tie me down and tease me until I beg to be allowed to orgasm. I want him to bend me over and fuck me hard while he calls me a slut. But that’s just me! And my blog provides an outlet for me to share my kinky sexual escapades!
Website: Kinky Katie
Twitter: @KinkyKatie9

F. Leonora Solomon writes erotica, she blogs at
Website: F Dot Leonora
Twitter: @fdotleonora

Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway
Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway is a writer from Knaresborough, UK, where she spends her time in the dark recesses of her mind. Specialising in fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and dystopian stories, she focuses on compelling characters and layering in myth and legend at every opportunity. Her mind is somewhat dark and twisted, and she lives in perpetual hope of owning her own Dragon someday, but for now, she writes about them to fill the void… and to stop her from murdering people who annoy her. When she’s not writing she spends time with her husband, her dogs, and her friends enjoying activities such as walking, movies, conventions, and of course writing for fun as well!
Website: Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway Author
Twitter: @LEllisHolloway

Marsha Adams
An autistic author of genital-oriented literature, psychological smut, and philosophical filth (but not erotica). I’m blessed with an understanding husband who doesn’t judge any of the weird things that come out of my head. I’m doubly blessed by being able to write in Scotland, which means I can look out of the window and see beautiful, rolling hills before I turn back to my monitor and write about someone being tortured with exquisite delights.
Twitter: @marshawritesit

I strive to live in a world filled with literature, laughter and love. And hope to achieve it, one word at a time.
Website: Life of a Kinky Wife
Twitter: @kinkywifelife

P to Z

Paige Vest
Paige Vest has been telling stories since childhood, when she loved visiting Middle Earth and Narnia in her spectacular imagination. She continues telling stories today in hopes of appeasing the myriad voices in her head. At work on the second novel of a YA trilogy, Paige is published in Sensorially Challenged Volume 1, Writings to Stem Your Existential Dread anthology, Volume 3 of 72 Hours of Insanity, and Fiction War Magazine, all of which can be found at Her article work related to the fantasy of Brandon Sanderson can be found at Become a patron by visiting
Website: Paige Vest on Patreon
Twitter: @paigevest

Peter Plancius
Hi, I’m Peter Plancius, fantasy, horror writer. My first book is finished, ready to publish, but I’m still trying to find a publisher. I have been writing for decades now, but started to share my writing some five years ago. I tend to write odd fantasy and funny and gory horror. I hope to be strange and funny. I live in the lovely town of Leiden in the Netherlands, have a job I wouldn’t want to bother you with and share it all with a wife and two kids.
Website: Peter Plancius
Twitter: @PeterPlancius

Steeled Snake Charmer
Online, I am Charmer, dominant partner of Steeled Snake and teasing, meme-sharing, sarcastic writer. You’ll find me in the tub, sharing lingerie photos and writing fiction, NSFW stuff, and some mystery. Offline, I am still online. I am tester of all of our websites and applications, also known as the breaker of all things. I’m a PC gamer as well as a ridiculous DnD character and often have a cat on my lap. In non-pandemic times, we love to travel and explore new things.
Website: Steeled Snake
Twitter: @SteelChrmr

Stephanie Scissom
Stephanie is published in horror, romantic suspense, and paranormal. She’s currently working on a thriller and various anthology projects.

S.T. Hills
S.T. Hills is a Dutch writer working on a crime series and has work published in VSS365 Anthology: Volume One, Crispy Rooftop Conversations, Hashtag the Horizon, Prompting the Moon, Flashing Conversation Stories, Poetry in 13 volume 2 & 3 and Quintessential Universal Erotica.
Twitter: @Hills1S

Su Orwell
Su writes multi-genre fiction and loves a good challenge. She’s the world’s slowest writer, laziest marketer, and biggest toast whore in the Midwest United States. She blames Jessica for getting her into this mess.
Website: Jennifer Worrell – Author
Twitter: @JWorrellWrites

Susie Mace
Susie is my submissive Cross Dressed feminine self. I like to share my experiences, my adult themed fiction and sometimes biographical and fetish themed non fiction.
Website: Submission2Word
Twitter: @smsub67

The barefoot sub
The barefoot sub can be found in various places across the internet, but her blog is where you can find her most often- reminiscing about her self-discovery through kink while also sharing smut that is yet to happen. You can find her over at Twitter, usually getting distracted by the filthy GIFs, and occasionally on Instagram, where she is almost always covered in rope. She also hosts a positivity meme, where you’re invited to share your own ‘mindful moments‘ each month.
Website: A Leap of Faith
Twitter: @thebarefootsub

A caffeine dependent designer of stuff, rides his bike and should really have a better bio. Some of my writing has been hosted by May More.
Twitter: @tooliebox

Trond E. Hildahl
Author Trond E. Hildahl learned to read at age three and has been in love with the written word ever since. Born in Iowa (USA) and raised in Maine, after a cross country road trip, he chose to live in California. Trond abides in rural Aguanga, at the base of the Palomar Mountains, with his wife/artist/best-friend and their two boys. He placed top 5 in the 2018 New York City Midnight Flash Fiction Contest and has been published in the Scribes Divided anthologies “Writings to Stem Your Existential Dread” and “Dread Naught but Time.” Check out his latest news at Trond E. Hildahl, Author.

Your Textual Boyfriend
Thoughtful male author of strokers, erotic vignettes, and 2nd person perspective narratives right to your screen. YTBF is an erotica author in that he types out erotic text messages and shares them online for others to enjoy. When not writing smut, he’s writing SciFi and editing podcasts. When he’s not doing either of those, he’s designing teeshirts and animating gifs. When he’s not doing any of that and actually tries to sit still for a moment, well, your guess is as good as mine.
Website: Your Textual Boyfriend on OnlyFans
Twitter: @YourTextualBoyF

Support the writers

How can you support the writers during this marathon?

One way to support the writers, is to read their stories and vote for those you like the most. Help the writers to make it through to the next round. Another way to support them is feedback. This can be done in the comments section below the stories, and will be held in moderation until after a voting round has closed.

This is going to be a good journey, one for everyone to enjoy!

Note: This post has been adjusted on 17.04.2021 to remove those writers who haven’t sent in the first assignment.

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  1. I was looking forward to competing with my ex mother-in-law but it looks like she didn’t submit hr first round entry. That’s too bad.

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