What should you share on your about page?

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When I visit a new site, and what I read captures my attention, I want to know more about the person behind the word or images. I want to know about their background, their experience and anything that will add a layer to what they are writing. On your about page, you can share as little or as much as you want, but a couple of key elements should be present on your site.

Your name

It’s always nice to start your about page with your name, so people know how to address you when they want to talk to you in comments or email, or refer to you when they share your work. Of course this doesn’t have to be your real name, but can be your pseudonym. Many people prefer to use a first and a last name, but only a first name works for me too.

Tip: Make sure the name you use on your about page is also the name that comes up as author on your posts. Some people forget to change this, and posts are labeled as being written by ‘admin’.

An image

If you are blogging under your own name, or willing to show an image of your face, add this to your about page. If you prefer to stay anonymous, consider adding an image that show you from the back, or with a mask, or without your face. Or maybe you know someone who can make a caricature drawing of you, and you can use that on your about page. An image is not compulsory, but it does give people an image to go with the name.

More about yourself

Share more about yourself. Here you can add the different roles you have in your life (for example, mine: woman, mother, daughter, friend, colleague), your age, things you like or dislike, and things you have done to bring you to this point in your life. Are there any things you feel puts you apart from others, or will people see ‘just another person’ when they see you walking down the street? Do you have specific talents you want to mention, such as music or art?

Add a bit more about your background, like where you grew up, whether you had a happy childhood or not. Maybe you suffer from a (mental) illness, which defines how you want/have to live your life, and you know this will influence some of your posts. Share that with your readers too.

Anything you share for this section, should help your readers understand where you come from when you write your posts. They need to ‘feel’ you between your words.

Why do you blog?

This is one thing your readers want to know. Why have you started your blog? What do you have to offer? Why do you blog? Do you blog because you want to share your experiences with others, or do you blog because you want to teach people something? Is your blog for interaction with others, or to promote other works, for example books, you have created?

In this section, try to make it clear to your readers what have moved you to start your blog, and what they might expect if they continue to read what you share.


Towards the end of your about page, invite people to contact you when they have questions or remarks they don’t want to put in the comments section on your site. In this invitation, either add a direct link to your email address, or link your contact page. And, even when you have a contact page, it’s nicer when you extent this invitation, than just relying people to find your contact page by themselves.

Date on about page

At the bottom of your about page, put the date when you have last updated the text. Our lives never stay the same, so you have to come back to our about page at least once a year, read the text and add or change things that are not relevant anymore. Adding the date will show your readers that you frequently come back to update your about page.

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Many people find it difficult to write about themselves, but when you use your own writing voice to share and stay close to yourself, it makes it easier. Consider writing the about page in the third person, if that makes it easier for you.

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