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A for apostrophe

Not long after we first launched Blogable, I wrote a post about the apostrophe. While some of you may still be non-believers, on Blogable we think that the apostrophe remains an important piece of the punctuation kit you should be employing. With regards to this post though, things which are fundamental to grammar tend not to have ‘new’ info added. The apostrophe is one of those stalwarts of language and so there is very little to add to the original post about how to actually use one correctly.

Apostrophe cartoon

Instead I bring you some apostrophe facts

Waterstones, Boots, and Reuters are brands who have dropped their apostrophe over the years.

The  ‘greengrocer’s apostrophe’ is a British phrase referring to the mistaken use of an apostrophe in a plural noun – ‘Get your apple’s, orange’s and pear’s here!’

John Richards founded the Apostrophe Protection Society in 2001. His aim was to preserve and promote the use of the apostrophe but in 2019, at the age of 96, he announced that the Apostrophe Protection Society would close. 

In French apostrophes are used, on average, more than once per sentence compared to English one time for every 20 sentences.

Apostrophes take the lead for being the top misused and misunderstood punctuation mark.

Apostrophe cartoon A-Z

What next?

If you are not sure about how to use an apostrophe correctly, please don’t just miss it out. Head over to the post below and check out our handy reminder:

13 thoughts on “The Blogable A-Z ~ A for Apostrophe

  1. Brilliant Missy! the greengrocer’s apostrophe – that made me laugh. I call it the moron’s apostrophe, but I like yours better. I was a teenage greengrocer too!
    May x

  2. Possessive apostrophes, especially on words that end in s — or their non-requirement, as in its — seem to throw people. That kind of error is one of those things that brings out my inner Red Pen when I see it! 😋

    1. Inner red pen! I love that. I do know what you mean. It’s a pet hate for me and I know I shouldn’t be so pedantic but it irks especially when it’s been sent on a formal document or piece of marketing. Missy x

  3. Brilliant, Missy, and I have learned something now – the greengrocer’s apostrophe. Whenever I see someone writing apple’s or pear’s, I just shake my head. And as Feve said, when a word ends in s, you see more errors in the use of the apostrophe.
    ~ Marie xox

  4. It took years for me to learn where to put properly put the apostrophe when used as a plural in my last name. Sad, but true. Google was my teacher when I decided to finally learn the proper placement… I’d blame it on my public school education, but truthfully I likely just did not pay attention. I cringe at all the years I screwed that up.

    1. I think lots of young people just don’t see the relevance when they are at school. There has to be a purpose for learning something and you have to want to and be ready to. Hence google is such a good teacher. Thank you x

  5. I know we’re seen as pedants for wanting correct use of apostrophes, but a missing apostrophe can easily change the meaning of a sentence.

    Apostrophes, the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.

  6. Perfect timing for this post as my little one is struggling with apostrophes in school now. Your and you’re are my pet peeves 😉

    1. Oh yes. So many errors there. I hope your son gets it. It always seems easier when you do the exercises and then when you come to use them it all goes out the window. Hope things are good with you Jae x

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