Product Reviews Part Three ~ A Male Perspective

There are far more females reviewing sex toys in the blogging world. So we expected many companies would like to hear from a male reviewer and would possibly pay.

Here’s what His Lordship had to say on the topic.

Product Reviews From A Male Perspective

There are, without doubt, a huge number of sex toys out there designed for a multitude of pleasure-seeking individuals. Until two years I didn’t deviate from toys that could be used for both my partner and me. In all fairness, most can be used by two or more people if you put your mind to it.

The time finally arrived to purchase something that I could enjoy alone, below the waist. Now, for someone with a penis that sort of limited me to a form of masturbator or something anal. As I liked both sensations I assumed, incorrectly, the right toy would be easy to find. Anal toys can be damn huge and most certainly designed for the more experienced anus. Based on that, I looked towards masturbators and found they were quite expensive. This was a hurdle considering the unknown outcome.

The only way forward was to do reviews, initially for free as I really did want the toys!

Looking at other reviews

I found it quite challenging to find good examples of other men like me who had produced toy reviews. The ones I did find from the male perspective were well done, and yet all seemed very positive about the items when what I found was the opposite. Also I discovered some common themes in writing style which made me think the company had a writer on the books. I wanted a truthful review and therefore started to read some of the female reviewers that boasted honest and independent feedback on the items they were given. I learnt a lot from these people with regard that ‘factual honesty’ is the best policy.

Starting to review free

My own reviewing started with a polite and professional email to the marketing manager, or a named person in PR for the toy’s company. I explained that I wanted to do a review of xxx because it interested me and the members of my blog. I gave them statistics of my blog regarding numbers and demographics. And also stated what I thought my review could do for them. In addition, I gave them the details of the different platforms I operated on and who else I was associated too.

Getting paid for reviews

male perspective
Product Reviews From A Male Perspective

Finally, when I decided that I was experienced enough to charge a fee I emphasised to the company what they would get for their money and how the review would benefit them. I was specific in how long it would be up for. When it would be seen and where it would be seen. This is a business transaction with companies that have marketing budgets, so, going cap in hand is the wrong approach. You are about to be their shop window and as such your time is money.

What to include in a review

The day came when the first motorised masturbator arrived. I had already worked out what would be important to me if I was the perspective customer reading a review.

That being;

  • Presentation of the packaging.
  • Any smells when opening the box.
  • Internal Packaging (could it be used for storage).
  • Materials used.
  • Charge time and total running time (compared to what the box said).
  • Weight and level of noise.
  • Overall effectiveness to produce an orgasm.
  • Cleaning, both ease and effectiveness.
  • Price and my subjective opinion on value for money

My opinion

Having reviewed several toys over the past 5 years I have to say that the majority were, in my opinion, a total waste for the money. Most are rubber coated vessels that vibrate when a penis is inserted. That may sound a little short sighted. However, I have reviewed toys costing £150 that were junk, or came close to being called rubbish! There have been true monsters of silicone, plastic, rubber, chrome badges. And in one case a built-in recording of a female having an alleged orgasm. If having a noticeably young girl screaming continually in your ear is a turn-on, that may be the toy for you. Whether I like the toys or not, I am always honest. The facts I delivered were true to the best of my endeavours and if, more often that not, I failed to achieve orgasm, I was clear why it didn’t work.

Concluding Product Reviews From A Male Perspective

Toys work differently for people so making sweeping statements is not a good idea or letting your emotions get the better of you. Tip- don’t write a review straight after a failed orgasm! On a positive note, the most effective male toy I did a review for was a male masturbator that didn’t have any motors, bells or whistles attached. Just a simple silicone sleeve that required some elbow grease and a little imagination. Good reviews write themselves sometimes!

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5 thoughts on “Product Reviews Part Three ~ A Male Perspective

  1. It’s great to read about product reviews from a penis owner, and I think there should be more reviews of male toys. Honest ones, that is. Thank you for sharing your experiences, HL 🙂
    ~ Marie

  2. I have found very few male toys that do better than an old fashioned hand. I have tried quite a few. Once you get past the novelty of newness, you realize a hand is easier, better and quicker to clean up. Not to mention free… The Fleshlight is pretty good, but when you factor in expense and particularly clean up, it is rarely used. Besides, nothing beats the real thing now does it? Great post!

  3. Great article 😊
    It’s been only recently we broadened our scope to masturbators, but like Marriagesexandmore says, my husband says using his hand is often less hassle and feels just as good. Though the sexdolls we have are a different league altogether 🤔

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