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How to write book reviews

book reviews

No spoilers – write a little about the premise, but strike a fine balance: draw people, making them want to read more, without revealing key elements of the plot or surprise twists/ outcomes.

Pick out a paragraph (or 2) to share which really struck you, perhaps because it encapsulates the essence of a character or event

Help people categorise the book by mentioning others by the same author, or books people may know that are in the same genre or style – “if you liked this you might like …”

Share something that surprised you about the book or which sparked another strong emotion in you: anger, compassion. Did the book resonate with your own experiences or show you a PoV you’d previously not considered/ understood?

Relate the book to you/your circumstances – did you read it when you were a child, discover it when you needed to hear it’s message, do you have a bond with the author, or did someone you admire recommend it?

Be honest – again walking a fine line. A writer has put so much heart and time into creating their book, if you didn’t like, list some positives you did admire. Perhaps explain why it wasn’t to your taste in terms of your beliefs, sexuality, triggering events in the plot. If you loved it, shout it from the rooftops, recommend it to your bookclub, let the author know.

Sharing – Share links to purchase the book / to the author’s page. Share images – the book’s cover / the author’s photo

Get paid for reviews?

Revenue – many of my book reviews are done for the love of reading. Having read a book I want to share the joy, or compare and contrast one book with another. Sometimes an author will gift their book in return for an honest review – emphasize that you will still share your opinions on their novel. When I am paid for a review, this does not change the honesty of feedback. It might put the book ahead in my schedule, or merit a certain kind of promotion. Always state in your post if it was a sponsored review.

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