Pay it Forward Prizes for the Fiction Marathon Winners

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to be placed second in the Memoirist memoir writing competition recently.

It wasn’t an easy task, either. I was voted and judged alongside 89 other stories, so am extra pleased my tale — Vincent — soared high.

The Memoirist publication — curated by KiKi Walter — has a motto — pay it forward.

When someone does something for you, instead of paying that person back directly, you pass it on to another person instead.

In terms of writing and publishing it means when your story has been put live you tag, read and comment on writers along the way. By doing this others also benefit from your fortune.

This is not only brilliant advice, it can work to your advantage. The more you engage, the more interaction you receive.

Posy Churchgate and I have promoted it on our publication, Tantalizing Tales in the past, suggesting the writers choose how to put this into play — links or tags at the end of their stories.

On Redemption, Paul Mansfield and I have been trying to find the right balance for including embeds at the end of stories, while still maintaining the reader’s interest.

When I saw that The Memoirist endorsed such an altruistic guideline as pay it forward, I knew I’d found the right publication for Vincent.

The story had been sitting in my drafts for some time. I was searching for a home for this — close to my heart — memoir, when bingo, I came across the Memoirist.

They just happened to be hosting a competition at that time.

Vincent was ready, and I was up for it — so we jumped in with both feet (and his wings.)

To be honest, I thought the story itself was strong enough to make the semifinal, but I never expected to be placed. However, I had already decided what I would do if I was…

Pay it forward.

Fiction Marathon

As you all know, my friend and colleague Marie A. Rebelle and I co-host – The Blogable Fiction Marathon. I say co-host as we are in it together, but it is her baby, so to speak…

Last year we managed to gain a couple of sponsors to donate for the winners, but not this time. Life has been a little crazy for us both, and our main aim was to keep the competition running… So, I am going to pay forward £25 of my prize money from being the runner-up in the Memoirist competition, to the winner of The Fiction Marathon.

It is a positive thing to do. And I like the idea of passing on from one writing competition to another. It sits right with me. Good Karma.

The Marathon consists of six rounds, and we are currently in the semi-final stage. PLEASE read and vote for your three favourites by clicking the link at the end of the page. We have ten (anonymous)stories and only five people will go through to the final!

The writers left in the competition are all fabulous:

Bob Merckel — Kristen Haveman — Marsha Adams — Christopher RobinElk VilianniJessica WilcoxCaitlin MazurEric stoversLyndsey Ellis-HollowayStephanie Scissom

I know they would welcome your support.


The stories are voted for by the public and scored by a jury. Posy Churchgate is one of the judges in the competition and will be donating a £10 Amazon Gift Voucher to the runner-up.

Posy quotes [Matshona Dhliwayo]

You become strong by lifting others up, not pulling them down…

and adds:

I hold in my consciousness how it feels to create something, wanting it to be my best effort, and have others appreciate it. That’s why I support the Fiction Marathon and encourage its participants to success. Posy Churchgate

Voting Fiction Marathon

Please click here to read, vote and perhaps leave some feedback on the wonderful semi-finalist stories. The voting closes at end of play on Tuesday 13th.

pay it forward
Pay it forward

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