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The topic of memes has already been covered reasonably extensively on the Blogable Club site. Either as member only content or open to anyone.

Today I will be looking at, and linking to the past meme posts – so you have all the information in one place. Some of the links may take you to members only content but it is free and easy to signup.


Getting involved in memes

There are so many good reasons a writer or blogger should get involved with memes, either by linking up or starting their own.

  • Memes are fun!
  • Some memes have inspiring prompts which really fire up the imagination.
  • You get more readers coming to your website when you enter a meme.
  • You can be involved in someone else’s meme by choosing the prompt or picking the round up posts.
  • You get to meet other writers which can help provide a support network.
  • Running a meme of your own is a challenge and a positive way to give something back to the writing community.

Entering a meme

It is easy to enter a meme – once you have done it. But what if it is your first time? This post – Adding a meme badge and linking your post to a linkup – by Marie, tells you everything you need to know about linking up. Plus adding the meme badge and back-link to your post.

Setting up your own meme

So you have been entering a few of the memes for a while and have a little extra time on your hands. Inspired by a terrific idea for a meme you decide to start your own. Keeping your fingers crossed others will enter ๐Ÿ˜‰ But how to get going? Look no further!

Decisions decisions…

This post – Hosting your own meme – by me, looks at the decisions you will need to make before your meme is in place. Things such as:

  • Where will you host the meme?
  • How will you design your badge?
  • What duration will each link up last?
  • Will the meme be prompt based?

Setting up the meme site

Once you have jotted all these things down then you want to put your plan into action. This article – Creating a simple meme site – by me, is an easy step guide to starting your meme. Discussing things like sub domains, homepage, organising categories and tags, plus what to include on your menu.


Once you have designed your badge you will want to add it to your “About” page. People who enter your meme can save the badge and upload to their site. But you really should give the reader the option to copy the html code for the badge and add that to their own post html. In this post – Five steps to adding image html to your post for copying – by me, you will find a step by step guide to doing this. It will take time, but I have had feedback that it works. A meme site looks more professional when it has the badge html code in place ๐Ÿ˜‰

Managing your meme

Running a meme take a lot of time, effort and dedication. There are a few things that you need to do each week for your meme plus promoting, reading entries and thinking ahead. This excellent article by Marie – Meme owners, how do you manage your memes? – offers your tips and advice on how to do this.


Entering or hosting a meme is a great way of supporting others, while also having fun with your writing and getting to know like minded people. Always be considerate and try to check out some of the other posts who have linked up along side you. Of course if you host the meme this is a must so that the bloggers feel welcome and will come back again ๐Ÿ˜‰

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