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An image showing the WordPress dashboard where you can select different options of Jetpack.

The different elements of Jetpack which you should absolutely use on your blog, has already been shared. In today’s post, I want to look at other options of this plugin, which can help to optimize your blog, and give your visitors the best possible experience.

Let’s recap: which options should you use

In the post, What elements of the Jetpack plugin should you definitely use? (, I mentioned that you should at least use the following options in Jetpack:

  • Publicize – to share your posts to your social media accounts the moment you publish them.
  • Sharing buttons – to enable your visitors to share your post on several platforms.
  • Like buttons – adding a like button under your post for your visitors to click.
  • Related posts – this options shows other posts that are related to the one on your screen.
  • Jetpack subscriptions – having this widget on your site allows visitors to subscribe to future posts you publish.
  • Downtime monitoring – we all want our websites to be online 100% of the time, and when this option is activated, you get an email when your site is down.

Which other options do Jetpack offer?

The above are not the only options Jetpack offers, but in my opinion they are the bare minimum you should use on your site. But, there’s more.

Security options
  • Brute force attack protection: activate this to prevent hackers and bots to log into your website with common usernames and passwords;
  • Allow users to log in with their logins, also activation the sub-option that email addresses should match.
Performance options
  • Performance and speed: here you can enable the site accelerator, to speed up the load times.
  • There is also an option for lazy loading of images, but we have experienced problems with several sites, which turned out to come because of this option being turned on.
Discussion options
  • For comments you can allow your visitors to use a, Twitter, Facebook, or Google account to comment. Over here you can also change the words above your comments form, which reads ‘Leave a reply’ at default.
  • To the bottom of the comments section, you can enable likes on comments.

Check your changes

When you turn Jetpack options on or off, make sure you check at the front-end of your website what it looks like, and whether it works the way you have envisioned. There are other options which are not mentioned here, so do play around with those too.

One thought on “The Blogable A-Z ~ J for Jetpack – several other options

  1. It is a pity about lazy loading as what you say is true for me and I see not able to use that. I also use the stats part just for a quick check to see how posts are doing etc. Thanks for sharing this handy reminder. Missy x

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