Isoellen ~ Sponsor of the Blogable Fiction Marathon 2021

The Blogable Babes are thrilled to announce Isoellen as a sponsor of the Fiction Marathon. She will interview the winner of the competition on her popular podcast and maybe also reveal a little about her own success as a writer. Find out more about this author below.

isoellen sponsors Blogable fiction marathon
Isoellen – sponsor of the Fiction Marathon.

Sponsor of the Fiction Marathon

Isoellen is just your average, aging child-care worker who drinks too much coffee. Her first romance story was written in 1977 at 8 years old after seeing the movie Star Wars. She knew even then that a rogue on the wrong side of the law was a better mate than the boy on the hero’s journey. She has three novels out on Kindle Unlimited with over a million page reads. At the time of this writing all her books are listed in the top 100 Kindle books store.

The worlds she creates are violent and sensual, but her characters always find beauty in the decay and romance with spicy intimacy. True-love and happily-ever-after’s are guaranteed. 

Check out her author page.

isoellen sponsor of fiction marathon

In 2020 she also stole her son’s microphone and started a podcast where she would read her stories out loud. But while doing that, she also discovered how fun it was to invite guests over and discover their stories, personal and the ones they write.  While she is still just a little fish in a very big pond and not a professional, she is getting really close to 10,000 downloads – that’s 10,000 times someone has taken the time to listen to her show.

Find Isoellen Writes – Stories for Adults  on iTunes, Google, Spotify, online or via the Podbean app.

Follow Isoellen on Twitter.

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