Fiction Marathon ~ Jury Members 2021

Members of the Jury 2021

The fiction marathon is shorter in length than the smut marathon so we decided to ask three – rather than five – writers to join the Jury of 2021. And were thrilled when they all said, “YES.”

fiction marathon judges

Brigit Delaney

jury 2021 fiction marathon Brigit

Brigit Delaney is a blogger who focuses on personal essays, poetry, erotic fiction, and occasional product reviews.

Her blog is one of Sexual Alpha’s Top 50 Best Erotica & Personal Sex Blogs of 2020 and she has been named one of Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2020.

She teaches history and English by day and has a masters degree in composition/rhetoric. Brigit lives in the Pacific Northwest of the United States with her husband, son, and too many pets and spends her off time reading, writing, drinking Irish whiskey, and enjoying the outdoors.

When reading the writing of others, she appreciates good character development, dialogue that moves the plot along, and memorable beginnings and endings.

Find Brigit at and on Twitter @BrigitWrites.

Cousin Pons

jury 2021 fiction marathon Brigit Cousin Pons

I started writing erotica at the end of 2017 and entered weekly memes such as Wicked Wednesday. When I started writing stories I just didn’t know how well they would be received. But I knew I was enjoying the process of writing. Forging ideas from my imagination and turning them into something that would please me and prospective readers. So I was thrilled and extremely grateful for the support and appreciation for me and my stories from the kinky blogging community.

I entered the Smut Marathon in 2018 and surprised myself by reaching the quarter finals. I had such a good time writing for the competition that I entered again the following year and got to the final. Being in a writing contest was challenging but extremely enjoyable. Hoping that the task for the next round would be something I could write about convincingly but even if it wasn’t, it was good to be taken out of my comfort zone and stretched, artistically speaking.

My love of history often influences the settings of my stories as does my career in theatre and television production.

I was a judge on the Smut Marathon last year and now I am using my critical faculties again for this brand new competition. I can’t wait to start reading all the entries, which I just know will be wonderful.

Find Cousin Pons’ stories at and on Medium. He also has a Twitter account @Books1799.

Eve Ray

jury 2021 fiction marathon Brigit

Eve is a bisexual woman and dominant kinkster, based in the English Midlands.

She has been blogging about all things to do with sex and sexuality, and writing smutty stories, for 8 years. Her work has been published by XCite Books and has also appeared in two Eroticon anthologies.

Eve is a passionate defender of both LGBT and sex workers’ rights. Away from writing she loves motor sport and claims to be a connoisseur of malt whiskies.

You can read more of Eve’s writing at And find her @EveRay1 on Twitter.

Have you signed up yet?

In an anonymous competition all entrants are treated the same. Meaning high profile or experienced writers receive no special consideration. All that matters are the words and the ability to entertain the reader.

Our jury for 2021 were not only selected for their own distinct writing abilities but also because of their differing journeys as writers and authors. Between them they can look at the stories from all angles.

There are reasons why the competition is called a marathon. It is a journey. Those that reach the end find themselves there for many reasons including the quality of their writing.

We want You!

  • If you can learn from feedback we want you.
  • If you are searching for a creative challenge, we want you.
  • Even if you have been writing for many years and looking for fresh inspiration, we want you.
  • Perhaps you are new to the writing community and would benefit from writing to prompt, then we want you too.
  • Anybody who has a passion for words and possesses stamina to last the journey, will gain and grow from this competition.

SIGN UP and find out for yourself.

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