Blogable Fiction Marathon 2022: The Writers

In the past weeks, 31 writers have signed up for the marathon 2022. They are ready to start this journey, to be challenged and share the stories they create with us all.

writers 2022
Writers 2022

Before we introduce them to you, let’s first get some general things out of the way.

The rules

Like any competition, or anything arranged for a group of people, there are specific rules to adhere to. One of the most important rules of the competition is that writers are not to talk about an assignment. Not the contents of it, and certainly not what they have written. Which means a writer cannot tell anyone which story is theirs when the voting round opens. Anonymity is one way of keeping the competition fair. There are several other rules, all of them designed to make this 2022 journey as pleasant as possible for writers, jury and organization.

The planning

The Blogable Fiction Marathon – BFM – is tightly organized, and we have a strict planning for it. Writers are to familiarize themselves with the dates, especially those on which they have to send in an assignment. During this journey, we will not deviate from the planning.

The jury

writers 2022
Writers 2022: Photo by Brett Jordan on

The jury is made up by four people, each of them bringing their own experience and knowledge of writing to the table. The jury will read the stories, after they have been anonymized, and then award points to them all. We expect the members of the jury to give the writers feedback on their stories, because that’s a huge part of the BFM – for writers to learn from the feedback and improve their writing.

The assignments

Writers will be sent their assignments by email, on the first day of every writing round. As we progress in the marathon, the writers will be asked to write more words for each assignment.

Assignments are designed to teach the writers something about their writing, and to improve it.

But the bottom line is for the writers to have fun, and to entertain the jury and the public.

The first assignment will be sent to the writers on 2 April 2022.

Time to meet the writers for the 2022 competition

Now, finally, let’s meet the writers who have signed up for the Fiction Marathon 2022! They are listed below in alphabetical order.

Alexander Gibbons
Hi – My name is Alex Gibbons. I am a blind writer on Medium and have had several stories published on the publication, Tantalizing Tales. You can find me on twitter and also my Dr Who podcast account – @WhoTarget. I am an avid reader and also enjoy listening to all kinds of music.

The Real Alexgibbons on Twitter & Alex Gibbons on Medium
NB: Because Alex has a visual impairment, an editor, not connected to the competition, will be proofing his stories.

Alex Irvine
I write erotic fiction, for relaxation, and to entertain my significant other. As a lockdown project I published some of it as a book on Amazon, and short stories.

Alex Irvine on Medium

August Wright
I’m an aspiring writer from Tampa, Florida who writes a variety of things but mostly produces science fiction and fantasy. I cycled through a number of disparate majors in college, and I know just enough information about just enough topics that you never know what random thing I’ll have something to say about.

Bob Merckel
Bob Merckel is a writer who spends his time between Barcelona and Provincetown, MA. Having had more reinventions than Madonna, he currently teaches English at Catalan university. In previous lives, he was a bartender in New Orleans, a security guard in Yellowstone, a taco connoisseur in Houston, a PowerPoint whiz in Chicago, an actor in New York, and a global corporate brand manager in London. Witness relocation has been very good to him.
He holds an MA in Creative Writing (novels) from City University in London.
He can be found on Twitter, Medium, and at numerous chirringuitos along the Mediterranean Sea.

Bobzyeruncle on Twitter & Bob Merckel on Medium

Caitlin Mazur
Caitlin Mazur is a multi-genre author whose works span science fiction, horror, and supernatural genres. She has been published in multiple anthologies and is currently querying a five-part post-apocalyptic series. Caitlin co-founded the Writing, Prompts & Critiques (WPC) Facebook community with over 11k members, named one of Reedsy’s 50 Best Places to Find a Critique Circle. She developed WPC Press, a spin-off independent publisher that publishes the occasional anthology with stories from the WPC group. When she’s not writing fiction, Caitlin is a freelance writer, wife to an insanely supportive husband, and mom to two amazing kids. Caitlin holds a degree in English Communications with a minor in Marketing from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA.

Cait writes Stuff on Twitter & Website: Caitlin Mazur

Christopher Robin
Creative nonfiction, humor writing, and the occasional (Okay, frequent) stretch of a true story are as close as I’ve gotten to fiction, but this challenge is exciting. I’ve dabbled in fiction but would love to use this as a way to expand and have some fun. I’m a married father of two living in the US looking to new horizons in sobriety. 

Christopher Robin on Twitter & Christopher Robin on Medium

David Mei
David Mei – Pen Name for a sometimes writer of erotica.
Writing in various forums since the days of Tumblr refugee who got connected with this writing community from a friend.
I am a 60+ male who believes sex is an act, gender is genetic but can be fluid.
Personally, the only cis member of a poly quad, married in name only and monogamously committed to my partner my Kitten whose husband dates my wife. We live in a forest with two cats and a dog, as well as 3 younglings. Life is never dull.

Website: Struggling Peter Pan

Elk Vilianni
I went out in the semi-final round of the Blogable Fiction Marathon 2021, despite coming third in the jury vote. So, this time around my ambition is to discover the secret of popular appeal (I rarely scored well in the public vote…) and, by doing so, progress all the way to the final round! But, more than that, I’ll simply be enjoying putting words together again, for my own satisfaction.

Elk Vilianni on Twitter

Eric J Stover
Eric has been writing content for the internet since 2009, creating various webseries on Youtube. In addition, he produces the infrequent podcast “Foundation After Midnight Radio” based on the SCP wiki and has worked as a freelance graphic designer and scriptwriter across multiple platforms. When he’s not slinging orders for his shop, he’s recording videos for Tiktok. When he’s not making videos, he’s writing scripts. When he’s not writing scripts, he’s walking his dog. When he’s not walking his dog, he’s probably dead.

Toad King Studios on Twitter

Gerad Carrier
A retired international educator on a “leisurely” journey of learning. After a 15 year career in general management and industrial marketing in Asia, I entered the field of education at a boarding school in upstate NY where I was fully immersed in the lives of 8 to 14 year olds. My educational career then took me back overseas for 18 years, first to Jordan and then Japan. During my time overseas, I took the opportunity to travel extensively. Returning to the United States in June 2009, I served in the Catholic school system before retiring in 2018. I now spend my time on family, travel, hobbies, learning and writing. While working in Japan around the year 2005, I came across the word Kaizen. Kaizen is Japanese for the concept of continuous improvement. I wrote sporadic blogs that focussed mainly on building capacity in schools through a commitment to continuous improvement. Now in retirement, I remain committed to writing about things that interest me. Being “retired” gives a person the opportunity and liberty to write about personal thoughts and interests.

Gerad Carrier on Medium

Hardison Parker
I have been a writer for many years but have only published since 1/1/2021.  I publish erotic romance both for sale and on sites such as Medium.  My novel, Cara Awakened, reached number 1 in November on the free erotica charts and has ranked in the top 100 of kindle erotica on at least two occasions. My books are story-heavy, with sex being a result of the story, rather than the driving force. 

HParker author on Twitter & Hardison Parker on Medium & HParker author on Instagram

Jacques Gerard
Jacques Gerard is my pseudonym. I am an erotic romance writer. My stories bring readers into a world of sensual sex with some kink. Where they can imagine themselves as a character and release their inner passions. Creativity is an ever expanding horizon which I love exploring and find supernatural.

Jacques Gerard on Twitter & Jacques Gerard on Medium

Jessica Wilcox
Jessica Wilcox hails from Buffalo, New York, where she teaches English to refugees and immigrants. She resides with her husband, three children, two cats and dog, all of whom keep her on her toes. You can find a list of her publications at her website and follow her on most social media platforms as @jawilcox711.

J A Wilcox on Twitter & Website Jessica’s Writing Space

Josh Balerite Acol
I’m an aspiring writer, editor of some publications in the blogosphere, yet am very open to honing my writing skills. I plan to quit my 9-5 job to become a full-time writer and dad-mom of my four kiddos. I love anything that inspires with a cup of coffee or just a bar of dark chocolate.

J. Sharland Day
J. Sharland Day is a writer of suspense, travel, romance, erotica, poetry, and the paranormal. She is also a skilled photographer, painter, and jeweler. Born in Central Utah and reared in the Mormon faith, she left Mormonism behind after reading Gary Jenning’s book Aztec, having had the self-realization that “religions could be hypocritical and self-serving”.
An adventure-seeking traveler who writes, paints, and photographs her adventures, she’s lived all over the United States and Mexico. Where she has lived, she has written and often been published, along with having her artwork shown.
J. Sharland has written for newspapers in Iowa and Wyoming. Her artwork has been shown and exhibited at art festivals in Wyoming, Texas, Iowa, Utah, and Mexico’s Mayan Riviera region, and it has garnered awards at art festivals and competitions nationwide.
After a divorce, J. Sharland returned to school as a later-life student and got a degree in Fashion Merchandising from ICCC. During her time as a returning student, she was nominated for the ‘Who’s Who in American Colleges’, one of the top students out of 2,300 colleges, and also received honor society awards.
Alongside her creative work, to make ends meet and to help raise her three children, J. Sharland worked in advertising; drove hay trucks; worked for a printing company; worked at a sugar factory; was a painter for a construction company; and was a clerk at the DMV for four years. She also owned and operated her own art gallery, and was a manager and salesperson for high-end clothing stores.
J. Sharland is currently finishing her debut novel: a fact-based-fiction suspense travel thriller titled Under the Umbrella of Paradise. She lives halftime in Mexico’s Yucatan, and near Eugene, Oregon with her husband Jim.

J Sharland Day on Twitter & Website: J. Sharland Day

Julius Evans
I’ve written and published articles on Medium since Aug. 4, 2021. It’s been a blast. And to be invited to participate is this marathon is an honor. It’s not what I thought it was, but I’m game. My Twitter handle is Tw1stimer and you can find me on LinkedIn using my first and last name. Same as on Facebook.

Julius Evans on Twitter & Julius Evans on Medium.

Kate Pasithea
Erotica is my speciality, but I’m no one trick pony! I have written fan fiction for both Sherlock and Doctor Who as well as drama and horror pieces.

K Pasithea on Twitter & on K Pasithea on Medium.

Kelly Cathy
I used to write sexy things but find that spark not quite catching these days. Now I am embarking on a new creative path with my 900 Days journey and hoping to find the joy in writing again along the way. I have found that participating in these types of challenges often pushes me in unexpected ways. Even though I’ve never made it to the end (yet), I have always enjoyed the process. In addition to the craft of writing itself, you tend to learn a lot about yourself as you work through the challenges.

Kelly’s Crystal on Twitter & Website Kelly Cathy & Instagram kellys_crystal_creations

Kristen Haveman
I spend endless minutes nervously sipping my coffee, fretting about how to write a decent bio, holding errant pieces of my life up for inspection. Will this interest anyone? Is that too weird?
The pile of discarded thoughts and memories grows. Fondly I think of fiction, so hard, but somehow easier than truth. My coffee is cold, and I realize this is me.
I overthink. I talk too much, but never about the right things. My opinions outnumber my common sense. I will not go quietly into that goodnight. Yet like most people, my glaring exclamation marks hint at other things. I am also introverted and riddled with self-doubt. We are all masses of contradictions if we look close enough.
Since childhood, books, writing and art have been my companions. I devoured Agatha Christie novels, fantasies and fairy tales. Anything I found was fit to read. Once my elder brother plucked “Silence of the Lambs” from my innocent, 11 old hands.
The reading led to writing. I penned meandering tales in lined notebooks. I foisted them upon my dad, poor unsuspecting man. The writing was bad, but my heart was in it.
These days, in what I hope are just my middle days, I work, focus on my kids and my multitude of hobbies. None of it brings a lot of money, but I am rich in other ways. The writing is still bad, but perhaps my heart is even more in it.
Truth is, I don’t know why I write. Like cats bathing in the sun, or birds winging south, I need to write. It’s cathartic, it’s exhilarating, I simply enjoy it.

Kristen Haveman on Twitter & Kristen Haveman on Medium.

Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway
Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway is a writer from a mysterious little town in the UK famous for having its own witch. She spends most of her time in the dark recesses of her mind. Specialising in fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and dystopian stories, she focuses on compelling characters and layering in myth and legend at every opportunity. 
Her mind is dark and twisted, and she lives in perpetual hope of owning her own Dragon someday, but for now, she writes about them to fill the void… and to stop her from murdering people who annoy her.
When she’s not writing she spends time with her husband, her dogs, and her friends enjoying activities such as walking, movies, conventions, and of course writing for fun as well!

Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway on Twitter & Lyndsey on Facebook & Website Lyndsey on TheProse

Marcello Spektor
I enjoy writing dark and Transgressive fiction. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I’ve only recently started to publish my work.

Marcello Spektor on Twitter & Marcello Spektor on Medium.

Marsha Adams
An autistic author of mainly genital-oriented literature, psychological smut, and philosophical filth (but not erotica). I’m blessed with an understanding husband who doesn’t judge any of the weird things that come out of my head. I’m doubly blessed by being able to write in Scotland, which means I can look out of the window and see beautiful, rolling hills before I turn back to my monitor and write about someone being tortured with exquisite delights.

Marsha Adams on Twitter & on Marshmallow Smut on Medium.

Michael Williams
I’m a happy go lucky guy who started writing when I got pandemic bored. I never would have guessed that one year in I would have completed five books and posted almost one hundred stories for the world to enjoy. I focus on erotica but I throw a bit of dark fiction and horror in sometimes to challenge myself.

Michael Williams on Twitter & Michael Williams on Medium.

Mike O’Connor
Born in 1961. I live with my wife in the Western United States. Our kids are grown and out of the house, and we are enjoying a new life after 35 years of marriage – great times and great company as we say. My ventures into writing are recent but are the outgrowth of many years of creative work, primarily in the visual arts. Visual Arts as a pursuit often results in ideas and concepts that don’t quite fit the genre of two-dimensional art. It is in the genre of writing that many of my ideas find new life and completion.
You can find a bit more about me here.

420 Months on Twitter & Mike’s work here.

My Naughty Ideas
I’ve been exploring my fantasies and fetishes for way longer than I care to mention at this point. The fiction I write is just that, as far as I’m willing to tell, fiction. The last 2 years, multiple bouts of Covid and several other life changing events have brought me back to my fiction, and the works in progress that I have are now a little darker, and more fun, than anything I’ve written in the past. I’m happy to say we all change, we all grow, and occasionally we come out of our cocoon as a butterfly.
Hopefully y’all like my wings.

@mynaughtyideas … everywhere…

Peter Plancius
I am a fantasy/horror writer and am currently finishing my first and even my second book. I live in the Netherlands, am married and have two children, teenagers, one of whom also likes to write. I have a responsible day job that takes way too much time, but is too necessary and too much fun to quit.
I have competed before and am looking forward to this year’s competition.

Peter Plancius on Twitter & Website Peter Plancius

Rose Shavelle
Rose has been writing for decades and has been published in a couple different forums. She enjoys writing and reading erotica and smut.

Rose Shavelle on Twitter.

Steeled Snake Charmer
I am Charmer and married to Snake. We’ve been married for a long time and still are amazed at the things that we learn about each other. On top of writing and photography on our blog, we also love traveling, dancing and playing video games. I also am on Twitter at @SteelChrmr and am so excited to go on the marathon again!

Charmer on Twitter & Website Steeled Snake

Stephanie Scissom
Stephanie hails from Tennessee, where she writes paranormal and horror and studies true crime.

Michelle Perry on Twitter & on FaceBook Stephanie Scissom 2019.

The barefoot sub
The barefoot sub can be found over at A Leap of Faith reminiscing about her self-discovery through kink while also sharing smut that is yet to happen. You can find her over at Twitter, usually getting distracted by the filthy GIFs, and occasionally on Instagram, where she is almost always covered in rope.

Valerie Kittell
My lifelong aspiration has been to write fiction – primarily short stories, but I also have 2 ideas I’m percolating for novels. Now that I have retired, I feel like I have both the time and opportunity to explore this goal. My previous life involved theater, restaurants, real estate sales and corporate management. I live in a small town in southern Rhode Island with my musician husband and one crazy dictatorial cat. I have published most of my short stories on Medium, Vocal and Simily and write under my own name on all those sites. I don’t do Facebook or other social media currently, but might change that in the future. I would love to be a part of a supportive writing community and will commit to completing all assignments and bringing positive energy.

Valerie Kittell on Medium.

Support the writers in 2022

Writers 2022: Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

How can you support the writers during the 2022 marathon?

One way to support the writers, is to read their stories and vote for those you like the most. Help the writers to make it through to the next round. Another way to support them is feedback. This can be done in the comments section below the stories, and will be held in moderation until after a voting round has closed.

This is going to be a good journey, one for everyone to enjoy!

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  1. Lovely to meet all the writers. Some of you I’ve encountered your work before, others are new to me. I hope you all enjoy the challenge and find it a learning, growing experience.

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