Blogable Fiction Marathon 2022: Enter Now!

After the success of the Blogable Fiction Marathon 2021, there was no doubt in our minds that we would host it again in 2022. And here we are!

For those who are new to this: the Blogable Fiction Marathon is a competition where you commit to join in with six assignments sent to you over the course of six months. But, you have to work to make it to the end, as the combined votes of the jury and public can knock you out of the race.

So, it’s Valentine’s Day, and ‘traditionally’ this is the day on which the entries for the marathon opens. Are you ready to flex your writing muscles? Do you want to learn more about your own writing, and develop your writing?

Then it’s time to enter this challenge.

Before you do, let’s point out some things.

The most important rule!

Probably the MOST important rule of all is that you are not allowed to share anything of your story until after the results of a voting round has been published. This rule is to keep the competition fair to all participants, and we urge you to abide by it, as breaking this rule can result in disqualification.

About the assignments

A tip that will be included in all assignment mails, is to start writing soon after you received the assignment. Don’t wait until the last day. Get something on ‘paper’ and then let it rest, mull it over, eat it, breathe it, sleep it… then edit it, let it rest and edit it once more and only then send it. Not many of us can write our best pieces under pressure.

Assignments start with a lesser number of words (look at the rounds of the 2021 edition for examples). As we progress with the competition, you will be allowed to write more. For all assignments, except the first, you will have roughly three weeks to write your story.

All assignments for this year have already been discussed and decided. Assignments are never given to trick anyone, but always to try and teach you something. This can be a writing element, or teaching you more about your own writing because the assignment forces you to think out of the box. Sometimes you might like an assignment and sometimes not, but please always try to write something for it. It’s better to send in something than nothing. You might just surprise yourself.

The planning & rules

A couple of days before the marathon starts (2 April 2022), you will get an email with important things for you to know, as well as the planning for 2022. This email is your guide throughout the marathon.

Besides the planning, the rules are also important to read through. Please always bear in mind the most important rule!

How to enter?

Entries for 2022 have closed – the writers will be introduced soon!

Enter the Blogable Fiction Marathon by sharing the following information in the form below:

Compulsory information

  • Name/Pseudonym
  • Email address
  • A short bio of 50–300 words

Non-compulsory information

  • Link to your blog/website
  • Twitter handle

Please note!

  • Entries close on 18 March 2022 at midnight GMT.
  • The number of participants is maximized to 50 (see below how many spots are left). Don’t wait to sign up, or your spot might be gone!
  • All entries will be confirmed within 72 hours (3 days). If you haven’t received a confirmation, please re-submit the above form or send us email with the requested compulsory information as listed above.
  • All information you give above (except for your email address) will be published on this site when we introduce the participants.
  • The email address you provide is the email address we will use to send you your assignments. It is your responsibility to check it frequently.
  • None of your personal information will ever be used for anything else but the marathon, and never provided to anyone else. Emails are sent out using the BCC field for all email addresses.

Last but not least

The most important thing is that you have fun while you participate in the marathon. Use the assignments to challenge yourself, to think out of the box and to learn more about yourself and your own writing.

Thank you to all who sign up for the Blogable Fiction Marathon 2022. Good luck with the race!

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