Character Motivation

Character motivation is an important one.

Without your character having something that is motivating them, something that is heavy on their mind which may then spur them towards acting in a certain way, then you may as well leave them out of your story. A good tale does not need passengers.

character motivation
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But, what kind of things can drive your character forward or be a topic they are focused on?

Below, you find a list of possibilities for you to consider when writing…

Character Motivation…

Achieve perfectionFailurePast trauma
AmbitionFamePeer pressure
Avoiding conflictFearPopularity
Avoiding painFinding a purposePower
Be acknowledgedFinding adventurePride
Be badFinding what was lostProtecting others
Be goodFitting inProve others wrong
Be normalFortuneProve themselves
Be rememberedFreedomRebellion
Be respectedFriendsRedemption
Be someone elseGetting somewhereRegret
Be specialGloryReligion
BeautyGreedRepaying a debt
Being strongGuiltRevenge
Cheat deathHappinessRising above others
DenialIllnessSave the world
DesireInequalityScrew destiny
DestructionJusticeSense of responsibility
DominanceLoveStand out
EscapingNot to be lonelySurvival
Facing a fearObedienceThrill


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