Five steps to raising your blogging profile

Before you can think of earning any money it is important that you work on raising your blogging profile so that others can see you are a serious blogger.

Look at it this way. Which shop would you decide to patronise? The one with the broken door and shoddy window display? Or the shop with clear marketing and a welcome sign on the door?

One – Go to your blog as a first time reader

If you are hoping for companies or publications to work with you then look at your blog critically.

As a reader I get bored quickly if I go to a blog for the first time and it is difficult to navigate. So I leave. Remember time is money as far as the working world is concerned. Think about what you need on your blog.

Sign-out of your site and look at it as reader.
  • Is there a clear menu that navigates to the main areas you want to show off?
  • When reading a post can you navigate easily back to the home page or your actual blog where all the posts are?
  • Are there too many adverts. Such as affiliate links.
  • Can the reader easily find out about who you are and contact you?
  • Do you have a work with me page explaining exactly what services you are offering?
  • Does your search actually work?

Spend quite a bit of time playing around with your site and righting any wrongs. And create a work with me page if you have not yet published one. Find out how to do that here.

Two – Interact with other bloggers

Social Media can help raise your blogging profile

For some this may be a task to hate but it is a necessary evil. Get to know some of your contemporaries. Follow, like and interact with those that are blogging in the same sphere as you and also those people you may want to reach out to when it comes to pitching your site or skills.

For example, if some one you follow on a social media platform mentions a publication they have written for, check the account and follow. You want to create a community around you that you can learn from. And also perhaps make friends with some too. Share their work in return.

Read and Comment

Now that you have found some other blogs that you like make sure to follow on the wordpress reader and connect with the writers by reading and commenting on their work. If you are consistent with this then usually they will start to read you work too. It is important to be seen as blog who has constant interaction with it’s readers. So replies to your posts are important.

Being pleasant and giving in the blogging world will make a difference as to how you are treated. Don’t be selfish and expect all to read your work if you do not make an effort to look at others.

Three – Memes

Entering memes gives you a chance to flex your writing skills as often there is a round up of a weeks entries and a top three chosen. This is a way of getting more views to your site and it feels good to be picked by your fellow bloggers.

Four – Be a guest writer

One good way of getting seen ans so raise your blogging profile is to guest on a blog who has a larger readership and a higher domain authority than you. You may not paid for it but you will be given a do follow link back to your site which will help your Moz ranking (more about that here) and also give you confidence that you can write for others.

Five – Be like Keanu Reeves

I know – a difficult task. 😉

It always bemused me how people took to studying Keanu Reeves. I mean he is hot! But the reports were all about his behaviour. So one day I decided to investigate.

It seems that Keanu has an attitude to life that helped him over the years with his success. so much so that the way he acted towards others led to further opportunities and great happiness. Let’s be like Keanu Reeves!

Be humble. Don’t act as if you are the best. A little bit of humility goes a long way. Of course promote you best work but don’t forget to give credit to others who have helped you produce it in any way.

Putting your most altruistic traits forward such as kindness self awareness and gratitude will draw people to you.


But above all – the most important thing you must do as a blogger is be true to who you are. Write for yourself. Write with honesty, integrity and imagination. Enjoy what you do.

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