Blogable has only just begun

only just begun blogabele
Blogabe has only just begun

At the Blogable Club we are all learning. The three of us and all of you.

Learning at Blogable

I do hope I keep learning for as long as I live. Blogable was put together so that Marie, Missy and I could share what we already know about blogging, tech stuff and writing. And also it has to be said we are gaining knowledge along the way too.

If you have any topics you want to share please get in touch with us. We had a fabulous guest post from Sir Thomas and would welcome more.


We created this site as a private members area as we felt many bloggers would feel safer within such an environment. As you know other sites similar to Blogable charge for membership. We will never do that as want to keep the sharing of knowledge free but in return you can do something for us. Please check our Twitter – Marie (@RebelsNotes) or May’s (@more_matters) – and retweet any of the tweets that have images in the timeline. And tell your online friends about the club – maybe they will want to join.

Only just Begun

The Blogable Club has only just begun. The three of us have discussed lots of posts and projects we will be bringing to you when we have the time.

I am working on a few posts to publish over the next few months. One about SSL another about Breadcrumbs. I will then go to work on a series about learning to earn via your blog and writing outlets.

Marie is working on a privacy and cookie post and also changing the theme of the Blogable site. We have noticed that there are a few areas that could be improved and Marie is the Theme Queen 😉

Missy has started a short series regarding reflective writing. If you know her work you will understand that nobody better could write about that topic.

Future Projects

As far as projects are concerned. Well, Marie’s Smut Marathon will be returning and may be hosted by Blogable. There will be some fundamental changes though.

We are thinking about publishing some kind of magazine where we all get to share out favourite posts from our blogs and maybe a list of writing challenges where writers can get involved as and when suits them.

Do let us know if you have anything in particular you would like to see on Blogable and we will discuss it.

A quick note about the forums. Please use them to ask anything or to interact with each other regarding various topics.

Thank you all for joining up – lets hope we all enjoy the journey and happy blogging…

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