BFM 2021: Results third round

The third round was all about arguments and dialogue. The goal of the assignment was for writers to tell their stories using 50% dialogue, and they all succeeded. These first three rounds had some strict restrictions, but the next will give the writers more freedom, and of course we are looking forward to those stories!

You can find the feedback for the third round stories in the comments section of the third voting round.

Without further ado here are the results of the third round…

The authors

  1. The last Walk – Susie Mace
  2. We’ve been over this – Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway
  3. Wayward Son – Stephanie Scissom
  4. We Never Argue – Toolie
  5. Celebrating New Beginnings – The Barefoot Sub
  6. Anima Rising – Elk Vilianni
  7. A Tight Fit – Mrs K
  8. Late for Brunch – Steeled Snake Charmer
  9. Where are they? – Jenn Hatfield
  10. The Inevitable Crescendo – Kinky Katie
  11. The Shark Bait – Carolyna Luna
  12. I’ve made worse investments – Your Textual Boyfriend
  13. Mistaken Identity – Cal
  14. The Creation – Jessica Wilcox
  15. Stop Digging – Marsha Adams

Public vote

We kept track of all votes during the public voting round, and in total 37 legitimate votes have been received. We are grateful for your support!

Winner of the public vote: Wayward Son by Stephanie Scissom

The result of the voting can be found below.

A table showing the results for the third round of the Blogable Fiction Marathon 2021.
Image of the third round public vote

This is the full result of the public vote:

AuthorStory titlePublic votesPublic result
Stephanie ScissomWayward Son1410
Jessica WilcoxThe Creation139
Marsha AdamsStop Digging118
MrsKA Tight Fit107
The barefoot subCelebrating New Beginnings96
Lyndsey Ellis-HollowayWe’ve been over this96
Elk VilianniAnima Rising85
Carolyna LunaThe Shark Bait64
Kinky KatieThe Inevitable Crescendo64
Your Textual BoyfriendI’ve made worse investments64
Steeled Snake CharmerLate for Brunch53
CalMistaken Identity42
ToolieWe Never Argue42
Jenn HatfieldWhere are they?42
Susie MaceThe Last Walk21

Jury vote

We have four jury members, and each of them individually rates all the stories from 1 to 10. The average of the highest three jury scores is the jury result for the writer.

Winner of the jury vote: Stop Digging by Marsha Adams

The jury’s votes are as follows:

AuthorStory titleJury 1Jury 2Jury 3Jury result
Marsha AdamsStop Digging91089,0
Jessica WilcoxThe Creation87108,3
MrsKA Tight Fit61088,0
Carolyna LunaThe Shark Bait10868,0
Kinky KatieThe Inevitable Crescendo8888,0
Elk VilianniAnima Rising9777,7
Your Textual BoyfriendI’ve made worse investments7977,7
The barefoot subCelebrating New Beginnings7787,3
Stephanie ScissomWayward Son7967,3
Lyndsey Ellis-HollowayWe’ve been over this6797,3
Steeled Snake CharmerLate for Brunch8867,3
Jenn HatfieldWhere are they?7877,3
CalMistaken Identity7867,0
ToolieWe Never Argue7867,0
Susie MaceThe Last Walk5655,3

Overall results

The public votes and that of the jury are added up to get to the end result for the round.

The overall winner of the third round is a tie between: The Creation by Jessica Wilcox and Wayward Son by Stephanie Scissom

The overall results for round 3 are as follows:

AuthorStory titleJury resultPublic resultResult round 3
Jessica WilcoxThe Creation8,3917,3
Stephanie ScissomWayward Son7,31017,3
Marsha AdamsStop Digging9,0817,0
MrsKA Tight Fit8,0715,0
The barefoot subCelebrating New Beginnings7,3613,3
Lyndsey Ellis-HollowayWe’ve been over this7,3613,3
Elk VilianniAnima Rising7,7512,7
Carolyna LunaThe Shark Bait8,0412,0
Kinky KatieThe Inevitable Crescendo8,0412,0
Your Textual BoyfriendI’ve made worse investments7,7411,7
Steeled Snake CharmerLate for Brunch7,3310,3
Jenn HatfieldWhere are they?7,329,3
CalMistaken Identity7,029,0
ToolieWe Never Argue7,029,0
Susie MaceThe Last Walk5,316,3

Rankings after third round

We work with rankings from the first to the fourth round, where writers accumulate points from the jury and public votes. Those at the bottom of the rankings will be knocked out in the rounds where it’s applicable.

In the table below you find the rankings after three rounds.

RankingPrevious rankAuthorResult round 1Result round 2Result round 3Total
12Jessica Wilcox15,716,017,349,0
34Marsha Adams11,316,317,044,7
46Stephanie Scissom7,318,017,342,7
53Carolyna Luna11,317,312,040,7
65Kinky Katie15,311,712,039,0
79Your Textual Boyfriend9,314,711,735,7
810Elk Vilianni11,79,712,734,0
915Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway7,311,713,332,3
1016The barefoot sub9,39,313,332,0
1212Susie Mace14,06,76,327,0
1319Steeled Snake Charmer5,09,010,324,3
1521Jenn Hatfield6,36,09,321,7

Knocked out

All writers go through to the fourth round, as is stated in the marathon rules. At the end of round 4 there will be knockouts, as round 5 has only 10 writers.

As said earlier, the accumulating of points only happens until round 4. In round 5 the slates are wiped clean, and all writers that remain in the competition, will be on equal footing.

Next round

Thank you to everyone who has written for this round and thank you to all the voters who have taken the time to read the entries, to vote and for those who have given feedback. A special thanks to the jury members for their hard work!

The writers will be sent the fourth assignment later today and have until midnight London time on 30 July 2021 to send in their stories. The next public voting round opens on 7 August 2021.

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