BFM 2021: Results second round

For many of us summer arrived this last week. Which could be the reason why we had fewer votes from the public compared to the first voting round. Hopefully you were out enjoying the sunshine. However, we still received a goodly sum and the place at the top of the public vote was very close until the end of voting.

You can find the feedback for the second round stories in the comments section of the second voting round.

Without further ado here are the results of the second round.

The authors

  1. Meat Market – Su Orwell
  2. Empathy for the Leek – Toolie
  3. Tactical Pursuit – Carolyna Luna
  4. Work Spouse – Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway
  5. Hotel Room Whore – Kinky Katie
  6. A Cheesy Encounter – Steeled Snake Charmer
  7. Dumb Bitch – Elk Vilianni
  8. Brotherly Love – Trond E. Hildahl
  9. Not My Type – The Barefoot sub
  10. The olive affair; saltimbocca – Peter Plancius
  11. Soul Tied – Apryl Rae
  12. Dragon’s Blood – Jenn Hatfield
  13. The Old Switch-A-Roo – Stephanie Scissom
  14. One hundred not out – GaynorBlue
  15. White Sheets – Mrs K
  16. How We Met – Your Textual Boyfriend
  17. Destiny Unfulfilled – Paige Vest
  18. The Honeytrap – S.T. Hills
  19. Beyond His Imagination – Cal
  20. L is for… – David
  21. Flirting with Goddesses – Jessica Wilcox
  22. Spanking on Prescription – Susie Mace
  23. Hot Pursuit – Marsha Adams

Public vote

We kept track of all votes during the public voting round, and in total 44 legitimate votes have been received. We are grateful for your support!

Winner of the public vote: The Old Switch-A-Roo by Stephanie Scissom

The result of the voting can be found below.

A graph showing the point of the public voting in the second round of the marathon.

This is the full result of the public vote:

AuthorStory titlePublic votesPublic result
Stephanie ScissomThe Old Switch-A-Roo1510
Carolyna LunaTactical Pursuit129
Marsha AdamsHot Pursuit118
Jessica WilcoxFlirting with Goddesses 118
Su OrwellMeat Market118
MrsKWhite Sheets107
Your Textual BoyfriendHow We Met96
Paige VestDestiny Unfulfilled85
Lyndsey Ellis-HollowayWork Spouse74
Kinky KatieHotel Room Whore74
Apryl RaeSoul Tied63
CalBeyond His Imagination 63
The barefoot subNot My Type?42
Steeled Snake CharmerA Cheesy Encounter42
Elk VilianniDumb Bitch42
Trond E. HildahlBrotherly Love42
ToolieEmpathy for the Leek31
DavidL is for…00
S.T. HillsThe Honeytrap00
GaynorBlueOne hundred not out00
Jenn HatfieldDragon’s Blood00
Peter PlanciusThe olive affair; saltimbocca 00
Susie MaceSpanking on Prescription00

Jury vote

We recently added a new member to our jury panel. Read about it here. Each jury member sends in their votes individually. The three highest scores a story receives are added up and divided by three to get the jury results.

Winner of the jury vote: How We Met by Your Textual Boyfriend

The jury’s votes are as follows:

AuthorStory titleJury 1Jury 2Jury 3Jury result
Your Textual BoyfriendHow We Met10978,7
Marsha AdamsHot Pursuit8898,3
MrsKWhite Sheets10788,3
Carolyna LunaTactical Pursuit81078,3
Su OrwellMeat Market10968,3
Stephanie ScissomThe Old Switch-A-Roo8888,0
Jessica WilcoxFlirting with Goddesses 6998,0
Lyndsey Ellis-HollowayWork Spouse6987,7
Elk VilianniDumb Bitch61077,7
Apryl RaeSoul Tied7887,7
Kinky KatieHotel Room Whore6897,7
The barefoot subNot My Type?6977,3
CalBeyond His Imagination 6887,3
Steeled Snake CharmerA Cheesy Encounter6877,0
Trond E. HildahlBrotherly Love8857,0
Paige VestDestiny Unfulfilled6877,0
S.T. HillsThe Honeytrap6776,7
Susie MaceSpanking on Prescription6776,7
DavidL is for…6766,3
ToolieEmpathy for the Leek8746,3
GaynorBlueOne hundred not out8746,3
Peter PlanciusThe olive affair; saltimbocca 6766,3
Jenn HatfieldDragon’s Blood6756,0

Overall results

The public votes and that of the jury are added up to get to the end result for the round.

The overall winner of the second round is The Old Switch-A-Roo by Stephanie Scissom

The overall results for round 2 are as follows:

AuthorStory titleJury resultPublic resultResult round 2
Stephanie ScissomThe Old Switch-A-Roo8,01018,0
Carolyna LunaTactical Pursuit8,3917,3
Marsha AdamsHot Pursuit8,3816,3
Su OrwellMeat Market8,3816,3
Jessica WilcoxFlirting with Goddesses 8,0816,0
MrsKWhite Sheets8,3715,3
Your Textual BoyfriendHow We Met8,7614,7
Paige VestDestiny Unfulfilled7,0512,0
Lyndsey Ellis-HollowayWork Spouse7,7411,7
Kinky KatieHotel Room Whore7,7411,7
Apryl RaeSoul Tied7,7310,7
CalBeyond His Imagination 7,3310,3
Elk VilianniDumb Bitch7,729,7
The barefoot subNot My Type?7,329,3
Steeled Snake CharmerA Cheesy Encounter7,029,0
Trond E. HildahlBrotherly Love7,029,0
ToolieEmpathy for the Leek6,317,3
S.T. HillsThe Honeytrap6,706,7
Susie MaceSpanking on Prescription6,706,7
DavidL is for…6,306,3
GaynorBlueOne hundred not out6,306,3
Peter PlanciusThe olive affair; saltimbocca 6,306,3
Jenn HatfieldDragon’s Blood6,006,0

Rankings after second round

We work with rankings from the first to the fourth round, where writers accumulate points from the jury and public votes. Those at the bottom of the rankings will be knocked out in the rounds where it’s applicable.

In the table below you find the rankings after two rounds.

RankingPrevious rankAuthor Result round 1Result round 2Total
22Jessica Wilcox15,716,031,7
39Carolyna Luna11,317,328,7
49Marsha Adams11,316,327,7
53Kinky Katie15,311,727,0
614Stephanie Scissom7,318,025,3
74Apryl Rae14,310,725,0
83Trond E. Hildahl15,39,024,3
912Your Textual Boyfriend9,314,724,0
108Elk Vilianni11,79,721,3
1118Su Orwell4,716,321,0
125Susie Mace14,06,720,7
136Peter Plancius13,76,320,0
1414Paige Vest7,312,019,3
1514Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway7,311,719,0
1612The barefoot sub9,39,318,7
1710S.T. Hills11,06,717,7
1917Steeled Snake Charmer5,09,014,0
2116Jenn Hatfield6,36,012,3

Knocked out

All writers go through to the next round, as is stated in the marathon rules. At the end of round 3 there will be knockouts, as round 4 has 20 writers.

As said above, the accumulating of points only happens until round 4. In round 5 the slates are wiped clean, and all writers that remain in the competition, will be on equal footing.

Next round

Thank you to everyone who has written for this round and thank you to all the voters who have taken the time to read the entries, to vote and for those who have given feedback. A special thanks to the jury members for their hard work!

The writers will be sent the third assignment later today and have until midnight London time on 25 June 2021 to send in their stories. The next public voting round opens on 3 July 2021.

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