BFM 2021: Results fourth round

As we say good bye to the fourth round of the Blogable Fiction Marathon, we have also reached the end of the part where the writers accumulate points. Those who survive this round, and move forward in the marathon, have their slates wiped clean – every writer has an even playing field.

Looking back on the stories that were written for the fourth round prompt ‘massage’ we really feel that all writers have excelled and sent in lovely stories, thinking out of the box and keeping the readers entertained. We are really looking forward to the entries for the final two rounds. However, we have to say goodbye to four writers, because only ten advance to round five, but before we do so, let’s look at the results for round 4!

The authors

  1. Birthday Treat – Jessica Wilcox
  2. I Second That Emotion – Elk Vilianni
  3. Sex Club Virgin – Kinky Katie
  4. Another Life – Stephanie Scissom
  5. A Mother’s Shoes – Mrs K
  6. Happy Birthday – The barefoot sub
  7. The Death of Light – Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway
  8. A Royally Bucked Deal – Your Textual Boyfriend
  9. A Soothing Sissy – Susie Mace
  10. The Friction of Needing – Marsha Adams
  11. Stiff Relief – Toolie
  12. Travis Gets A Massage – Jenn Hatfield
  13. Two Weeks – Carolyna Luna
  14. Recovery Operation – Steeled Snake Charmer

Public vote

We kept track of all votes during the public voting round, and in total 34 legitimate votes have been received. We are grateful for your support!

Winner of the public vote: A tie between Another Life by Stephanie Scissom and The Friction of Needing by Marsha Adams

The result of the voting can be found below.

Results of the fourth public voting round

This is the full result of the public vote:

AuthorStory titlePublic votesPublic result
Stephanie ScissomAnother Life1410
Marsha AdamsThe Friction of Needing1410
Elk VilianniI Second That Emotion129
Your Textual BoyfriendA Royally Bucked Deal98
The barefoot subHappy Birthday87
MrsKA Mother’s Shoes87
Lyndsey Ellis-HollowayThe Death of Light76
Steeled Snake CharmerRecovery Operation76
Carolyna LunaTwo Weeks76
ToolieStiff Relief65
Jenn HatfieldTravis Gets A Massage34
Kinky KatieSex Club Virgin34
Susie MaceA Soothing Sissy34
Jessica WilcoxBirthday Treat13

Jury vote

We have four jury members, and each of them individually rates all the stories from 1 to 10. The average of the highest three jury scores is the jury result for the writer.

Winner of the jury vote: The Friction of Needing by Marsha Adams

The jury’s votes are as follows:

AuthorStory titleJury 1Jury 2Jury 3Jury result
Marsha AdamsThe Friction of Needing91099,3
Elk VilianniI Second That Emotion9999,0
The barefoot subHappy Birthday10888,7
Stephanie ScissomAnother Life9978,3
MrsKA Mother’s Shoes10878,3
Carolyna LunaTwo Weeks10968,3
Lyndsey Ellis-HollowayThe Death of Light8798,0
ToolieStiff Relief8877,7
Jessica WilcoxBirthday Treat8777,3
Steeled Snake CharmerRecovery Operation7787,3
Kinky KatieSex Club Virgin7787,3
Your Textual BoyfriendA Royally Bucked Deal7787,3
Jenn HatfieldTravis Gets A Massage8767,0
Susie MaceA Soothing Sissy7766,7

Overall results

The public votes and that of the jury are added up to get to the end result for the round.

The overall winner of the fourth round is: The Friction of Needing by Marsha Adams

The overall results for round 4 are as follows:

AuthorStory titleJury resultPublic resultResult round 4
Marsha AdamsThe Friction of Needing9,31019,3
Stephanie ScissomAnother Life8,31018,3
Elk VilianniI Second That Emotion9,0918,0
The barefoot subHappy Birthday8,7715,7
MrsKA Mother’s Shoes8,3715,3
Your Textual BoyfriendA Royally Bucked Deal7,3815,3
Carolyna LunaTwo Weeks8,3614,3
Lyndsey Ellis-HollowayThe Death of Light8,0614,0
Steeled Snake CharmerRecovery Operation7,3613,3
ToolieStiff Relief7,7512,7
Kinky KatieSex Club Virgin7,3411,3
Jenn HatfieldTravis Gets A Massage7,0411,0
Susie MaceA Soothing Sissy6,7410,7
Jessica WilcoxBirthday Treat7,3310,3

Rankings after fourth round

We work with rankings from the first to the fourth round, where writers accumulate points from the jury and public votes. This means this is the last round where we have the rankings, but also the first round where we have to knock out writers, as only ten writers go through to round 5 of the marathon.

In the table below you find the final rankings.

RankingPrevious rankName writerResult round 1Result round 2Result round 3Result round 4TOTAL
13Marsha Adams11,316,317,019,364,0
34Stephanie Scissom7,318,017,318,361,0
41Jessica Wilcox15,716,017,310,359,3
55Carolyna Luna11,317,312,014,355,0
68Elk Vilianni11,79,712,718,052,0
77Your Textual Boyfriend9,314,711,715,351,0
86Kinky Katie15,311,712,011,350,3
910The barefoot sub9,39,313,315,747,7
109Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway7,311,713,314,046,3
1212Susie Mace14,06,76,310,737,7
1213Steeled Snake Charmer5,09,010,313,337,7
1315Jenn Hatfield6,36,09,311,032,7

Knocked out

As said earlier, only ten writers advance to round five of the Blogable Fiction Marathon. This means that we have to say goodbye to the four writers who ended at the bottom of the rankings. Those writers are:

  • Jenn Hatfield
  • Steeled Snake Charmer
  • Susie Mace
  • Toolie

We are sad to see you go, and we hope you will continue to support the marathon through the semi-final and final rounds.

All slates are now wiped clean. We have ten writers in round 5, but only five of those will be writing for the final assignment. But, before then, we first have to get through round 5!

Next round

Thank you to everyone who has written for this round and thank you to all the voters who have taken the time to read the entries, to vote and for those who have given feedback. A special thanks to the jury members for their hard work!

Congratulations to the remaining writers. You will be sent the fifth assignment later today and have until midnight London time on 3 September 2021 to send in your stories. The next public voting round opens on 11 September 2021.

One thought on “BFM 2021: Results fourth round

  1. Very pleased to finish 3rd in that round behind two stories that I voted for and thought were excellent! Thank you to jury and public for votes 🙂 And pleased to pull up to 6th in the rankings but I know it will be a big challenge to be one of the five who will make it through to the final round…

    Sorry to see those four writers knocked out – I’ve voted for at least two of them in various rounds of the competition!

    Good luck to all in Round 5 🙂

    Elk x

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