BFM 2021: Results first round

This first round of the Blogable Fiction Marathon was a learning curve for us, as much as it was for the writers, especially those who used to participate in the Smut Marathon. There are similarities between the two competitions, but essentially the BFM is a new standalone competition with its own set of rules. In the voting, the most significant change is that only the top 70% of the jury vote goes through to the public vote.

During the public voting round, feedback was left on the stories, which you can find at the bottom of the first round voting post. May has dedicated a post to her feedback on the entries. A tip on reading your feedback: not all feedback will be good, and you might feel negative emotions when you read it. Don’t. It’s been given to help you, to give you tips to improve your writing. It’s up to you whether you do anything with the feedback, or just ignore it, but never feel discouraged when you read it. Turn it into something positive, and ace your next assignment!

Let’s get on to the official part of the first round results.

The authors

  1. Naughty Nun – Toolie
  2. No Regrets – Kelly Cluett
  3. Travel Fun – GaynorBlue
  4. An application – Cal
  5. Let’s Go – Leonora
  6. Brie Yourself – Su Orwell
  7. Unjust Infringement – Cindy Cook DeRuyter
  8. Thin Ice – Marsha Adams
  9. Sincerity Rulz – Apryl Rae
  10. Friday Night – David
  11. Mom’s Advice – Jessica Wilcox
  12. The Guess – Dawn Shelley
  13. Bloody Mary – Peter Plancius
  14. S’punk, innit – Elk Vilianni
  15. Naughty Girl – Kinky Katie
  16. Gotta Fever – Stephanie Scissom
  17. Soaring High – Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway
  18. First Contact – Dioscurus
  19. Good Things – Textual Boyfriend
  20. Tie Me – The barefoot sub
  21. Future Adventures – Steeled Snake Charmer
  22. Sweet Chance – Susie Mace
  23. Destiny – MrsK
  24. Seeing You – Jenn Hatfield
  25. Awakened – Jolan
  26. Times Two – Carolyna Luna
  27. Forgive Me… – Paige Vest
  28. Luscious Laundry – S.T. Hills
  29. Book ‘em – Trond E. Hildahl
  30. On Fire – Jae Lynn

Public vote

We kept track of all votes during the public voting round, and in total 101 legitimate votes have been received. We are amazed and grateful for your support!

Winner of the public vote: Destiny by MrsK

The result of the voting can be found below.

This is the full result of the public vote:

AuthorStory titlePublic votesPublic result
Jessica WilcoxMom’s Advice209
Apryl RaeSincerity Rulz209
Trond E. HildahlBook ’em209
Susie MaceSweet Chance209
Peter PlanciusBloody Mary178
Kinky KatieNaughty Girl178
ToolieNaughty Nun167
Marsha AdamsThin Ice156
Carolyna LunaTimes Two135
The barefoot subTie Me124
S.T. HillsLuscious Laundry124
Elk VilianniS’punk, innit124
Your Textual BoyfriendGood Things124
Cindy Cook DeRuyterUnjust Infringement124
Dawn ShelleyThe Guess113
LeonoraLet’s Go102
DavidFriday Night91
Jenn HatfieldSeeing You91
Lyndsey Ellis-HollowaySoaring High71
Paige VestForgive Me…71
Jae LynnOn Fire61
Stephanie ScissomGotta Fever51
DioscurusFirst Contact00
Kelly CluettNo Regrets00
Steeled Snake CharmerFuture Adventures 00
CalAn Application00
Su OrwellBrie Yourself00
GaynorBlueTravel Fun00

Jury vote

Each jury member sends in their votes individually. These votes are added up and divided by 3 to get to the jury results.

Winner of the jury vote: S’punk, innit by Elk Vilianni

The jury’s votes are as follows:

AuthorStory title Jury 1Jury 2Jury 3Jury result
Elk VilianniS’punk, innit8877,7
Kinky KatieNaughty Girl7787,3
S.T. HillsLuscious Laundry61057,0
Jessica WilcoxMom’s Advice7946,7
Cindy Cook DeRuyterUnjust Infringement5876,7
DavidFriday Night6856,3
Stephanie ScissomGotta Fever5776,3
Lyndsey Ellis-HollowaySoaring High6766,3
Carolyna LunaTimes Two6766,3
Trond E. HildahlBook ’em7846,3
ToolieNaughty Nun6856,3
Paige VestForgive Me…7756,3
Dawn ShelleyThe Guess5946,0
Jae LynnOn Fire6745,7
Peter PlanciusBloody Mary5575,7
The barefoot subTie Me6645,3
Marsha AdamsThin Ice5565,3
LeonoraLet’s Go6645,3
Apryl RaeSincerity Rulz6735,3
Jenn HatfieldSeeing You6645,3
Your Textual BoyfriendGood Things5745,3
DioscurusFirst Contact7535,0
Kelly CluettNo Regrets6725,0
Steeled Snake CharmerFuture Adventures 7535,0
GaynorBlueTravel Fun6635,0
Susie MaceSweet Chance6725,0
CalAn Application5634,7
Su OrwellBrie Yourself5544,7

Overall results + rankings after first round

The public votes and that of the jury are added up to get to the end result for the round. For this round, this is also the result of the rankings, but for the next round that will change as writers accumulate results from the first to the fourth rounds.

The overall winner of round 1 is MrsK with Destiny

The overall result for round 1 and the rankings after round 1 are as follows:

RankAuthorStory titleJury resultPublic resultResult round 1
2Jessica WilcoxMom’s Advice6,7915,7
3Trond E. HildahlBook ’em6,3915,3
Kinky KatieNaughty Girl7,3815,3
4Apryl RaeSincerity Rulz5,3914,3
5Susie MaceSweet Chance5,0914,0
6Peter PlanciusBloody Mary5,7813,7
7ToolieNaughty Nun6,3713,3
8Elk VilianniS’punk, innit7,7411,7
9Marsha AdamsThin Ice5,3611,3
Carolyna LunaTimes Two6,3511,3
10S.T. HillsLuscious Laundry7,0411,0
11Cindy Cook DeRuyterUnjust Infringement6,7410,7
12The barefoot subTie Me5,349,3
Your Textual BoyfriendGood Things5,349,3
13Dawn ShelleyThe Guess6,039,0
14DavidFriday Night6,317,3
Stephanie ScissomGotta Fever6,317,3
Lyndsey Ellis-HollowaySoaring High6,317,3
LeonoraLet’s Go5,327,3
Paige VestForgive Me…6,317,3
15Jae LynnOn Fire5,716,7
16Jenn HatfieldSeeing You5,316,3
17DioscurusFirst Contact5,005,0
Kelly CluettNo Regrets5,005,0
Steeled Snake CharmerFuture Adventures 5,005,0
GaynorBlueTravel Fun5,005,0
18CalAn Application4,704,7
Su OrwellBrie Yourself4,704,7

Knocked out

All writers go through to the next round, as is stated in the marathon rules. At the end of round 2 there will be no knockouts either, as round 3 has 30 writers. This means all the writers of this round will stay with us until round 3, and have enough time to try and secure a spot in round 4, in the race to the final.

Also remember, the accumulating of points only happens until round 4. In round 5 the slates are wiped clean, and all writers that remain in the competition, will be on equal footing.

Next round

Thank you to everyone who has written for this round and thank you to all the voters who have taken the time to read the entries, to vote and for those who have given feedback. A special thanks to the jury members for their hard work!

The writers will be sent the second assignment later today and have until midnight London time on 21 May 2021 to send in their stories. The next public voting round opens on 29 May 2021.

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