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A Site to Share Blogging Tips and Advice

Whatever level of blogger you are, it can be difficult to come across relatively simple information that is free and in one place. It was with this in mind that Blogabe was born.

about us @blogable


It is Blogable’s goal to house as much useful information about the world of writing and blogging, as possible. Of course, technology is forever changing and updating, and so the content published for the reader will also evolve.

Admin and The Fiction Marathon

The general admin and running of the site is handled by May More and Marie Rebelle. Find out a little more about them at the end of this post.

As well as providing tips and advice for bloggers and writing, the site will also host the Fiction Marathon each year. This is a writing competition that lasts approximately six months for any level of fiction writer. Read all about it here.

Information about the Fiction Marathon will be tweeted from Marie (@RebelsNotes) or May’s (@more_matters) Twitter accounts. We had to discontinue with Blogable’s own twitter due to time issues.


Blogable (May & Marie) will regularly publish content, but we are really interested in what you have to say. Perhaps you’ve learned something valuable about how you should set up your site, like the Barefoot Sub did? Or maybe you do something on your blog that is a little niche, and you would like to share with others? Posy Churchgate does here. If you have knowledge about writing in general like Sir Thomas, please share it with us.

In the first instance, email us at blogableclub@gmail.com with your ideas.

Check out the work of all our guest writers here…

Blogging/Writing Questions

If you have any topics that you feel should be covered on Blogable, please let us know and we will do our best to write a post answering your query. Ask away in the comment section of a post that covers similar content, or by filling out the contact form.

About us ~ Marie Rebelle

In January 2010 I started my blog, Rebel’s Notes, but it only really took off in November 2010. At first it was on Blogger, but then I discovered WordPress, and in February 2012 I went to self-hosting. It was a steep learning curve to work with WordPress, the plugins and add CSS to make things behave the way I wanted, but my years of doing website design in Frontpage as a hobby definitely served me well.

Something that is very much part of my nature is to want to help people. This is the reason why I ran a Dutch writing group for five years (Dec 2012 to Dec 2017), and why I ran the Smut Marathon for 6.5 years (4 years for the Dutch community, and 2.5 years for the English). I am grateful to have found a new home for the marathon here on Blogable, and also to be able to share the knowledge of websites, blogging and writing I have gained over the years.

In February 2021, I started writing on Medium, and am thoroughly enjoying the ride, especially because I also discovered several publications where I can share my content.

Besides this I run two memes, of which Wicked Wednesday is the most active.

About us ~ May More

Helping people gives me a good feeling, and I love that I can share some of what I have learned over the years on Blogable.

I started my own blog Sex Matters mid 2016 but didn’t really get to grips with blogging until 2017. I then found my self on a sharp learning curve. Constantly having to search for simple bits of information online. Taking up that one thing you can not get enough of – Time. I have wanted to be part of a project like this ever since new bloggers started asking me for advice, so was thrilled when Blogable was created.

Over the last year I have also been writing content on the Medium platform, where I curate the publication Tantalizing Tales and am editor of Redemption Magazine.

Apart from the above I have been a computer programmer, studied nutrition and remain a mother, lover, author, friend and of course an individual. 😉

Thanks Missy

We want to thank Missy for her massive contribution to getting Blogable off the ground and hope to see her here whenever she has the time.

Please check out the sites she runs with His Lordship, here: SubmissyHis LordshipSafeword ClubTell Me About.

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