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An Idea was Born

Once upon a time there were three sexy women called Marie, May and Missy. Apart from their names all beginning with M they found they had a couple of other things in common too. All three loved blogging or writing and each were helping newer bloggers in someway behind the scenes.

Once they got chatting they realised at the start of their own blogging journeys they had found it difficult to come across relatively simply information they needed to know for their blogs or writing.  And not many others seemed willing to share their knowledge freely.

Out of this chat the idea of The Blogable Club was born. It seem quite a logical step as each of the Blogable Babes came to the table with a slightly differing blogable set of skills.

So if you are a new blogger, or an established one, you may find this site has useful information to help with your blog or writing. And if the article you’re looking for has not yet been written one of our forums will be able to assist and your can rest assured your question will be turned into a relevant post with the appropriate answer.


About Us ~ The Blogable Babes

Marie Rebelle

Marie Rebelle about us

In January 2010 I started my blog, Rebel’s Notes, but it only really took off in November 2010. At first it was on Blogger, but then I discovered WordPress, and in February 2012 I went to self-hosting. It was a steep learning curve to work with WordPress, the plugins and add css to make things behave the way I wanted, but my years of doing website design in Frontpage as a hobby definitely served me well.

Something that is very much part of my nature is to want to help people. This is the reason why I ran a Dutch writing group for five years (Dec 2012 to Dec 2017), and why I ran the Smut Marathon for 6.5 years (4 years for the Dutch community, and 2.5 years for the English). Besides this I run three memes, of which Wicked Wednesday is the most active. Helping people, and seeing them happy, gives me a good feeling, and I love that I can team up with two fabulous ladies and share all we have learned over the years on Blogable.

May More

May More about us

I started my own blog Sex Matters mid 2016 but didn’t really get to grips with blogging until 2017. I then found my self on a sharp learning curve. Constantly having to search for simple bits of information online. Taking up that one thing you can not get enough of – Time. I have wanted to be part of a project like this ever since new bloggers started asking me for advice, so was thrilled to find some like-minded friends.

I love writing. Full stop. Fiction, real life, sexy, romantic, dark, serious – you name it I want to do it. I have also used my blog and blogging profile to earn a little bit of money here and there. Which is fun to do. I have been hosting my own memes for a year now, but, I do have another love – the technical side of the internet. I am still learning and happy to share what I know about all of these things with Blogable members.

Apart from the above I have been a computer programmer, studied nutrition and remain a Mother, a lover, an author, a friend and of course an individual. 😉



I started my blog, submissy, in July 2016. It was born from the desire to share my journey as a married submissive and connect with other like-minded people who I could learn from. I had used blogs through my work as an English teacher so knew a little bit but had never had my own personal blog before. I blogged for the first few years on WordPress and then moved to self-hosting, which really opened things up for me in terms of they way I could organise and present my blog.

Most of my writing is personal reflective. I love this type of writing and found it was hard to find helpful and relevant information when I started out, so this project was right up my street. I also love community and have brought some of the ideas we used for building our own only D/s community, The SafeworD/s Club, to Blogable. Creating resources to help people is really important to me so I am really glad to be able to do that here. 


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