The 2022 Winner Of The Fiction Marathon!

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Can you believe it? We have come to the end of the second annual Fiction Marathon. It has been quite the ride, starting out with the writers, and seeing them – one by one – knocked out. Until we were left with the final five – the finalists – knowing one of them would be the 2022 winner!

Before we announce the winner, we want to remind you about the prizes.

Prizes: Paying it forward

There will be two prizes, one for the winner, and one for the runner up. These prizes are donated by May More and Posy Churchgate, as May announced several weeks ago. Those prizes are:

  • £25 for the winner
  • £10 Amazon Gift Voucher for the runner-up

Then of course it’s time to get to the official part!

The authors

1. Fucking Humans – Bob Merckel
2. Pray for Prey – Caitlin Mazur
3. It Rains Diamonds – Stephanie Scissom
4. Our Chosen Masks – Kristen Haveman
5. It’s Universal – Eric J Stover

Public vote

We kept track of all votes during the public voting round, and in total 39 legitimate votes have been received. We are grateful for your support!

The 2022 winner of the public vote: It’s Universal by Eric J Stover

The result of the voting can be found below.

2022 winner
Image of the result of the sixth voting round

This is the full result of the public vote:

2022 winner
Detailed result of public vote

Jury vote

We have four jury members, and each of them individually rates all the stories from 1 to 10. The average of the highest three jury scores is the jury result for the writer.

The 2022 winner of the jury vote: It Rains Diamonds by Stephanie Scissom

The jury’s votes are as follows:

Detailed result of the jury vote

Overall results

The public votes and that of the jury are added up to get to the end result for the round.

The overall results for round 6 are as follows:

Detailed overall result for round 6

The 2022 Winner

The winner of the first edition of the Blogable Fiction Marathon is:

Eric J Stover

The rest of the writers placed as follows:

  1. Stephanie Scissom
  2. Kristen Haveman
  3. Caitlin Maur
  4. Bob Merckel

Just a bit of statistics

As you know, during the first four rounds of the BFM 2022, writers accumulated points, and then all remaining writers started with a clean slate in the semi-finals. However, since we keep track of all points in Excel, we also kept track of the final scores of the finalists, in other words, added their points for the last two rounds to those of the first four.

The outcome of that is as follows:

  1. Stephanie Scissom
  2. Bob Merckel
  3. Caitlin Mazur
  4. Eric J Stover
  5. Kristen Haveman

Feedback and reflection

We invite all writers to give their feedback on this year’s marathon, as that’s a valuable tool for us to learn from. Also, as the organization of this competition, May and Marie will review the marathon, and make the necessary changes for the Blogable Fiction Marathon 2023.

You can either leave your feedback in the comment section below, or write a piece about your experience in the Blogable Fiction Marathon 2021. If that piece is on your blog, please share it on our link page. If you don’t have a blog of your own, please get in contact with us.

Next year’s marathon — judges and writers

The entries for next year’s marathon will open on Valentine’s Day, the same as it did this year. Keep an eye on the planning for the dates for the Blogable Fiction Marathon 2023.

As for the judges, the jury for next year has not been decided yet. If anyone wants to be a judge for next year, please let us know, so we can put your name on the list.

A last word

Thank you to…

  • … everyone who supported the marathon this year, and helped us to make it a success;
  • … the judges for all their hard work, reading every story and adding their points;
  • … all the writers — an extra special thank you — for all your lovely, entertaining stories!

We hope to see everyone back for next year’s marathon!

One thought on “The 2022 Winner Of The Fiction Marathon!

  1. Are the winning stories showcased in their own blog post somewhere? Or compiled in a publication of some sort? That may be something to consider in the future… Once you’ve done three years (assuming you continue in 2023), the 5 finalists’ stories from each year would make a nice slim-volume publication.

    Just an idea. 🙂

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